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Dr. Jane H. Baxley is a chiropractor serving Danville and the surrounding area.

  • Are you coping with chronic pain?
  • Do you wish your body worked and moved better?
  • Are you looking for a safe, effective alternative to drugs and surgery?

Welcome! If you're reading this it's likely because you're ready to finally experience less stress and pain, more energy, and a greater overall sense of ease and balance in your life.

You may also be struggling with chronic aches and pains, or are concerned about your posture and how it may be affecting your body, especially as you age.

You may have even worked with other chiropractors or therapies in the past without lasting relief or getting to the root of your issues and you're looking for help--ideally using natural solutions that don't have any side effects.

If that's the case, I want you to know you're not alone. I've been able to help hundreds of people just like you. In particular, my practice excels at locating and correcting sources of stress deep in the structure of the body. When this structural stress is corrected, posture, symptoms, and energy levels improve restoring a sense of balance.

Since correcting your body is only part of the equation, I also give guidance and tools such as ergonomic and exercise recommendations necessary to keep you in alignment and prevent issues from coming back.

Treatment is individualized by listening to your body and allowing it to tell me what it needs. I combine therapies that are cutting edge and innovative yet natural and gentle working with your body to help you heal. This leads to effective--and most importantly lasting results that often take less time than other methods you may have tried. Many times we see dramatic changes on the first visit.

I am one of a handful of practitioners in California utilizing a breakthrough method called Advanced BioStructural Correction™ which improves body mechanics and restores structural health . You will be able to see results as early as your first visit. You will be standing straighter and with less effort and most likely breathing easier and more fully as your body begins the process of correcting long standing biomechanical issues and your aches and pains start to melt away.

Going through chiropractic school I discovered that there are many different chiropractic methods. I explored a wide variety of these methods, even learning muscle work similar to what is performed by physical therapists in order to find a technique that would consistently fix peoples bodies. However, as well as these chiropractic and muscle techniques did for me and my patients, I was troubled that nothing seemed to work consistently from person to person. I kept searching to find something that would consistently fix peoples' bodies.

Until recently no one had discovered the reason manipulation sometimes works wonders, sometimes does little, and in rare cases can be harmful. That discovery was made by the developer of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) which is an effective method of improving body biomechanics. Unless you have body problems resulting from cancer, infections, fractures, diabetes or something like that, ABC™ can correct your body structure resulting in many cases to a return to health you may have never thought possible.

Jane H. Baxley, D.C.
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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "Jane has worked MAGIC on me. I walked in there as crookes as a question mark "?" And in so much pain i could barely walk. I cannot tell you enough how great she is... you gotta try her out!"
    Sandy C.
  • "I have been a chiropractic patient for over 50 years and have been treated by many different doctors with different techniques. I have been seeing Dr. Jane for approximately two months now. Dr. Jane and the ABC (Advanced Bio-structural Correction) technique are currently providing me with more relief than any other treatment I have received. Additionally, Dr. Jane is a very caring and gentle professional."
    Bob L.
  • "I have been going to Jane Baxley for some time. I stand on my feet all day in my job and I fell and hurt my back. Before I started with her I would end up with back spasms constantly and would go to urgent care, where they would treat me with pain meds. Since I have been going to Jane I have not been to urgent care nor have I needed any meds. She keeps me aligned . Thank you Dr Baxley"
    Christine V.
  • "Dr. Baxley is very dedicated and really cares about her patients. She tailors the treatment to your individual needs rather than a cookie cutter approach. Gives a lot of help with exercise and posture. You leave her office feeling taller and straighter and breathing easier with little effort. Chiropractic has really helped me with lower back and neck pain and keeps me healthy and active."
    Allie E.
  • "Dr Baxley has helped me reach my fitness and orthopedic goals..I train very hard. She believes in helping her patients self care Giving them strategies to keep their health as their responsibility. She is so supportive and engaged in my total health. Such a great member of my health care team! Simply the best. I cannot say enough about the teamwork she has brought to my life.I work in healthcare and value her communication and teamwork focus."
    Mary Pat S.
  • "Relieved of pain after 35 years! It wasn't overnight but I'm pain-free after an airplane crash in 1978 that left me with back, neck and head pain. I'd had difficulty doing even minor work around the house and yard...I do almost anything now from yard work to handyman things around the house...I'll be 66 next week and the best I've felt in many years. Oh, results were almost immediate...Bonus is I'm now losing weight too."
    Dale H.

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